Sydney is in the midst of unprecedented change. Surrounding it is a competing sense of opportunity and a loss of control.
A city unsettled.

Infrastructure distributes and encodes the flows of urban life through a series of predetermined choices. These flows are maintained or restricted through the careful deployment of passivity and control. In doing so infrastructure reduces the complexity of the city to manageable urban forms. Knowledge, people, land, resources, emissions and products are extracted from their particular existence and reconstituted as parts.

What are these infrastructural systems, codes, standard and programs? What interests do they prioritise? Can they be co-opted, or should they be radically redesigned?

Join us at Unsettled 2: Choose Sydney to investigate the place of ‘choice’, ‘discretion’ and ‘compromise’ in the city’s infrastructure space.

Dr Timothy Baynes
Research Scientist, CSIRO Land and Water & ANU College of Science

Dr Somwrita Sarkar
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning, University of Sydney

Amelia Thorpe
Senior Lecturer & Director of Environmental Law Programs, UNSW Law

Urtzi Grau
Senior Lecturer, UTS school of Architecture & Co-Founder of Fake Industries Architectural Agonism

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19 July 6.00-8.00pm

The CTA Business Club, MLC Centre
19 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000